Welcome to Puerto Rico

Facts about Puerto Rico

  • Is a Commonwealth of the United States and Puerto Ricans are US Citizens.
  • The island is located in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Spanish & English are the official languages in Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico is approximately 30 miles wide from north to south and about 90 miles from west to east.
  • One of our most famous animals is called Coquí, which are tiny frogs known for the sounds they make at night.

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Information about Barranquitas

  • Location: Central Region
  • Population: 30,402 (2011)
  • Rivers: Piñonas, Usabón, La Plata and Grande de Manatí
  • Mountains: La Torrecilla – 943 meters and Farallón – 788 meters (above sea level)
  • Economy: Agriculture, factories and general commerce
  • Driving distance from San Juan: 40.7 miles
  • The San Cristobal Canyon is located between the towns of Barranquitas and Aibonito. It’s the only canyon in Puerto Rico and it is nine kilometers long. It is full of rich vegetation, several ponds and falls.